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Live Force Limited Vibration Testing (FLVT) Seminar

Don’t miss your chance to join Kistler and m+p international for a one-day live seminar that offers practical experience in Force Limited Vibration Testing (FLVT). Learn, grow, and connect with other testing professionals and share your experiences and solutions. Our application experts will showcase FLVT with real-time monitoring and provide technical insights as well as practical tips for successful vibration testing of any size payload.



10:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Presented by Kistler

  • Why Force Limited Vibration?
  • Piezoelectric Measurement Fundamentals
  • Multi-Component Force Sensor Installation
  • Force and Moments Overview
  • Application Example  
  • Integral Control of LabAmp
  • Q&A

Lunch Break     12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM – Presented by m+p international

  • Vibration Control Overview
  • Monitoring Channels for Signal Integrity
  • Calculating Overturning Moment
  • Sine and Random Testing with Notching
  • Scalability – Small, Medium, and Large Test Articles
  • Data Processing and Packaging
  • Q&A


Dale Schick

Application & Marketing Manager
m+p international


Bill Zwolinski

Application Engineer Test & Measurement
Kistler Group

What is Force Limited Vibration Testing (FLVT)?

Traditional vibration testing using response accelerometers and hard-mounting the space equipment or satellite to a shaker could result in over-testing. FLVT delivers more accurate launch load replication for the actual flight mounting condition during your validation tests. Increase test safety by limiting the acting forces during vibration testing manually, fully automatically or both simultaneously.


Lisa Cepeda, Marketing