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Since our inception, m+p international has continuously developed successful products and realized countless projects globally. From our roots at the University of Hannover, we began with a handful of employees and have grown to become a trusted supplier to renowned companies worldwide with established subsidiaries and representatives in more than 30 countries. We are very proud of the major milestones that have marked our journey to ongoing success.


We are proud that we have worked on more than 750 projects with our global team that grew by 16% in the last year.


m+p international has been contributing to the success of NASA missions since 1992. It's always fascinating to see how testing technology from Hannover has played and continues to play a crucial role in these missions.


Foundation of m+p international China Co. Ltd. as sales and service organization with headquarters in Suzhou and first branches in Beijing and Xi'an. Owen Qi becomes the managing director. The business of the previous representative office of m+p international in Beijing is taken over completely.


On January 1, Elke Baessler takes over management of the company from Dr.-Ing. Walter Klie, who has retired after almost 40 years. We look forward to continuing m+p international’s proud history of innovation and to serving the industry for many years to come.

In April our founder and long-time co-shareholder Professor Oskar Mahrenholtz passes away. We lose a valuable advisor and will honour his memory.


m+p VibControl turns 30 years old! Key test laboratories in numerous industries and major test houses worldwide continue to rely on our vibration control systems. NASA, for example, tests many of its missions with m+p VibControl.


INDUS Holding AG, one of the leading investment companies for medium-sized enterprises, acquires a majority stake in m+p international. Until then, the founders and active employees were the sole shareholders.

The new m+p VibMobile hardware offers up to 64 channels of acquisition in a compact, self-contained chassis allowing for comprehensive measurement and analysis in the field.


With the m+p Analyzer Revision 5.0, we launch the next generation of software for NVH applications. It replaces the previous analyzer and offers exceptional added value for the user, with many innovations and a massive increase in performance and data security.


In a world first, we supply the industry’s only high-frequency test rig with which automotive elastomer mounts can be dynamically tested at up to 3,000 Hz. The first rig is provided to the Fraunhofer LBF in Darmstadt. No other supplier is able to achieve this high frequency range.

Driven in particular by e-mobility, the test spectrum for determining dynamic stiffness - the key criterion - is changing towards ever higher frequencies.


We move headquarters to our current office building at Thurnithistraße 2.


For multi-channel applications, we design the m+p VibRunner measurement hardware platform. It is ideally suited to the special requirements of dynamic testing, vibration control and monitoring with high channel numbers.


We launch our first own-brand measurement hardware: the m+p VibPilot with 4 and 8 channels. This compact measurement front-end proves to be a complete success, with laboratories worldwide utilizing the precision, real-time performance and reliability of m+p VibPilot.


With China established as a major global manufacturing center, the huge country becomes increasingly important for us. We establish a subsidiary in Beijing, the m+p international Representative Office, and add offices in other Chinese cities over the years.


For Volkswagen Wolfsburg we develop a high-frequency test rig for determining the dynamic stiffness of elastomeric mounts in a frequency range of up to 2 kHz based on an electro-dynamic shaker. Elastomer mounts are used in vehicles to reduce the transmission of noise and vibration from the engine and parts of the powertrain to the vehicle body.

Later, we go on to develop a high-frequency test rig with piezoelectric actuators in cooperation with the Institute for Dynamics and Vibration Research of the Leibniz University Hannover.


We found m+p international Sarl in Montesson as a further subsidiary, in order to push ahead with the targeted marketing of our systems in France and Spain.


We commence a partnership with M&M Corporation in Leuven/Belgium and take over the distribution and marketing of M&M Smart Office products worldwide. M&M Smart Office is the forerunner of the current m+p Analyzer vibration analysis software.

From the same year on, we offer the OR25 FFT analyzer from OROS as measurement hardware for our vibration control systems, thereby meeting the demand for smaller channel count systems.


MAHRENHOLTZ + PARTNER Ingenieurgesellschaft merges with m+p international Mess- and Rechnertechnik GmbH.


In order to meet the growing number of enquiries from the UK, we found m+p international (UK) Ltd. in Farnham, England.


We launch the world's first vibration control system under Windows NTTM, of which we are very proud.

Our next generation of vibration control systems supports measurement technology with VXI industry standard newly introduced by Hewlett-Packard. The VXI measurement hardware replaces the previous HP 3565S Paragon.

The first system for acoustic testing in reverberant chambers was sold to NASA JPL, California. We are the largest provider of acoustic control systems to NASA.


We take over the maintenance contracts for customers of UNIX-based CODA (Continuous Data Acquisition) acquisition software from Hewlett-Packard. Ten years later, we develop our own m+p Coda software under Windows XPTM for pilot customer Isar 2 nuclear power plant.


Delivery of an m+p ACON conditioning system for activated carbon canisters, reducing vehicle exhaust emissions. Customer: Daimler. The first system under Windows NTTM goes to Porsche.

Even now, almost 30 years later, it is still state of the art thanks to further developments and adaptations to current standards.


Our pioneering developments in vibration testing laid the foundations for our next major step: In 1992 we establish m+p international GmbH, Hannover, and m+p international, inc., Verona, NJ/USA with the aim of marketing our vibration control systems worldwide.


Driven by our ongoing success, we develop a 2nd generation vibration control system: the VCP 9000 based on the HP 3565S Paragon and HP 9000 workstation with UNIX operating system. Pilot customer is MBB (now Airbus Defence & Space). The 48-channel VCP 9000 offers notching in sine and random mode. Further test laboratories in the Munich area follow soon thereafter: IABG, Bayern-Chemie, Siemens. One of our first vibration control systems is also operated in the ZARM Drop Tower in Bremen.


MAHRENHOLTZ + PARTNER constructs a lamp test rig combining photometric and vibration tests. After some more recent modernization, it is still in operation today, which is a true testament to the fact that our technology is built to last! Customer: Volkswagen in Wolfsburg.


The number of employees continues to grow. To provide further office space for company expansion, MAHRENHOLTZ + PARTNER Ingenieurgesellschaft moves to Freundallee 17 in Hannover.

A major milestone for our company is the development of the first vibration control system based on an HP 1000 real-time computer (RTE-A operating system) and Hewlett-Packard measurement hardware for Volkswagen. Follow-up orders are received from Messerschmidt-Bölkow-Blohm (MBB) and Audi.


Our company has been carrying out numerous demanding customer projects since 1983, in which we have repeatedly demonstrated our engineering know-how. From the early years, these include a generator test rig as well as calibration laboratory programs for Volkswagen, a test rig for quality assurance in cylinder-head gasket production for Klinger, a control system for the calibration gas laboratory of Daimler, and a simulation program for calculating injection processes for L'Orange (all situated in Germany).


We begin a relationship with Hewlett-Packard in Hannover, which at that time has offices all over Germany. This results in a cooperation between the two companies as MAHRENHOLTZ + PARTNER Ingenieurgesellschaft becomes a sales and technology partner (Channel Partner) for Hewlett-Packard. Increasingly, our activities shift towards measurement and data processing.


Our story begins in November 1980: Prof. Dr. Dr. E. h. mult. Dr. h. c. mult. Oskar Mahrenholtz, then the head of the Institute of Mechanics at the University of Hannover, and his employees Dr. -Ing. Burkhard Grabowski and Dr.-Ing. Walter Klie rent office space in the Sprengel site in Hannover and found MAHRENHOLTZ + PARTNER Ingenieurgesellschaft.

The first orders received are for consulting and calculation tasks in machine dynamics and structural strength.