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Meeting the Stringent Testing and Engineering Demands

m+p international has developed sophisticated, high-precision dynamic measurement products for the energy sector including renewable energy, nuclear and turbomachinery.

Wind energy has been globally adopted as a reliable, renewable energy source. Wind turbines are large investments which require thorough testing of the individual components and rigorous monitoring. m+p international provides highly accurate and seamless test, analysis, data storage and reporting capabilities for every stage from design and development to manufacturing and operating. m+p’s products help to optimize efficiency and energy output and to minimize expensive downtime and repair during operation.

Testing of turbomachinery, in turbines and compressors, requires high-quality, reliable data acquisition software and hardware. Sometimes performance data and thermodynamical parameters of several turbomachines have to be tested in parallel. m+p international supplies full-featured, easy-to-operate data acquisition and monitoring products that deliver precise, repeatable results.

For monitoring of product quality or real-time process monitoring, m+p international provides off-the-shelf and customized solutions. A specialized engineering team selects, integrates and supports the appropriate data acquisition or process monitoring solution to meet the application requirements.

m+p international’s measurement technology ensures reliable results in the following areas:

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