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Acoustics and Vibration Testing in Aerospace

During normal operation many parts of an airframe endure extremes of both temperature and acoustic excitation. Consequently, damage can occur during initial testing.

Engineers at China’s Aircraft Strength Research Institute (ASRI) combined finite life designs and accurate testing and simulation to reduce the weight of aircraft as much as is possible, without compromising the integrity of any of the components. To rigorously simulate the acoustic levels required as part of this testing campaign, ASRI used the m+p international progressive wave tube (PWT) closed-loop acoustic control system. This control system can achieve up to 165 dB. In addition, engineers utilized six m+p VibControl vibration controller systems, which are present at the ASRI site in China. The hardware platform is a high-channel count m+p VibRunner perfectly suited for the specific needs of high-end noise and vibration engineering and general data acquisition.

The test engineers have been extremely confident in the overall system stability and reliability that m+p international offers and have confirmed the advanced nature of the system’s technology.

Yellow aircraft on blue support frame in hall
Acoustics and vibration testing for full-size aircraft

Read more in the article “Acoustics and Vibration Test System Proves Itself”, Aerospace Testing International, June 2018.


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