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Aircraft Strength Testing

Airplane turbine building
Positioning the James Webb Space Telescope (inside a large tent) onto the shaker table used for vibration testing at NASA

The Avic Aircraft Strength Research Institute (ASRI) is the national test center for verifying structural strength of aircraft in China. It provides ground testing facilities for full-size aircraft which help to predict vital performance data before the airplane embarks on its maiden flight.

ASRI selected m+p VibControl and m+p Coda software for their vibration control and strain tests. The hardware platform is an m+p VibRunner providing 16 analog input channels, 64 bridge input channels, and 4 analog output channels. Tests for aircraft strength testing include swept sine vibration, random vibration, noise, classic shock and shock response spectrum analysis.

The new 102.4 kSa/s per channel bridge module is designed for dynamic strain measurements, experimental stress analysis and fatigue testing of mechanical structures. It enables connection of eight strain gauges in full-, half-, or quarter-bridge configurations. Two versions are available: one with RJ-45 connectors and the other one with 9 pin LEMO connectors. 120 Ω, 350 Ω, 1000 Ω resistors are supported. Rosettes, which are also used for temperature compensation, can be connected, too. Other features include built-in bridge excitation and completion programmable for each channel, TEDS support, remote operation via Ethernet.

m+p VibRunner eight bridge connectors
m+p VibRunner’s VRBR810 bridge module

ASRI also uses the m+p VibControl software and m+p VibRunner instrumentation for acoustic fatigue testing using progressive wave tubes (PWT) as well as shaker testing for evaluating the environmental and reliability characteristics of different aircraft parts.

The advanced functionality, stability and user-friendliness of the m+p system are greatly appreciated within the Institute. An ASRI engineer comments: “Over a period of extensive testing, the high stability and reliability of the m+p system were proven conclusively. The software is easy to use and convenient for us. With the great support from m+p international, we can tackle any test situation.”

Read more in the 1-page article “Stable High-End Testing System“, Aerospace Testing International, June 2017.

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