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Automating Test Sequences

Screenshot m+p VibUtil
Test sequence with digital channel setting

With the m+p VibUtil software add-on, our vibration controllers offer a versatile tool for automated vibration testing and combined climatic and functional testing. Recently, we have updated and redesigned m+p VibUtil to provide you with even greater efficiency and ease of use.

m+p VibUtil establishes the communication between the m+p VibControl software and the measurement hardware to carry out the test sequences you defined. It easily combines individual tests of identical or different test modes in any complexity of nested loops. A detailed protocol is generated during the sequence and then saved to a protocol file. If any problems occur, an information service immediately sends an e-mail to the given recipient.

For combined testing, m+p VibUtil can be extended to control eight digital input channels and eight digital output channels which provide links to external equipment such as environmental chambers.

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