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Bosch: m+p Vibration Control Systems since 1991

Bosch is the world’s largest independent parts supplier to the automotive industry. The Reliability Laboratory of the Robert Bosch Car Multimedia division in Hildesheim/Germany is one of the most longtime and loyal m+p customers. The first Unix-based VCP 9000 vibration control system was put into operation in 1991. Nowadays Bosch uses five 4/8-channel m+p VibPilot front-ends together with current m+p VibControl vibration control software to operate their electrodynamic shakers. Vibration, shock, temperature, humidity and lifecycle tests are performed to demonstrate the reliability of car radios, navigation systems, loudspeakers and other multimedia systems.

Climatic chamber car radios
Combined climatic and vibration testing of car radios at Robert Bosch Car Multimedia

The innovative laboratory uses also new technologies such as multi-sine excitation for neighbouring departments that do not have their own environmental simulation lab. This year the test equipment was extended by a mobile 16-channel m+p SO Analyzer data acquisition system. This mobile system acquires road load data in vehicles for realistic vibration testing.

“m+p is one of our preferred suppliers, we know from our decades-long experience that their products which are used continuously work reliably. The very good service and support are also key to the long-lasting and close co-operation“ says Dieter Kremin, test engineer at the Bosch Reliability Laboratory.

m+p international’s vibration control system are operated at several Bosch sites in Germany as well as in France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and China.

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