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Dragon Spacecraft Tested with m+p SO Analyzer

You saw and heard it in the news: In October the SpaceX Dragon cargo ship launched into space from Cape Canaveral to International Space Station. The commercial, unmanned spacecraft brought 1,000 pounds of key science experiments, clothing and food to the ISS astronauts.

Dragon spacecraft
Dragon spacecraft lifts off the pad atop the Falcon 9 rocket

What they did not say in the news: SpaceX used our SO Analyzer for full modal testing on the Dragon spacecraft and the Falcon 9 launch vehicle.

Jack Connor, Dynamics Engineer, says, “When NASA picked SpaceX to re-supply the space station, we realized that we would be required to perform a significant amount of modal testing if our analysis was to meet their strict standards. Instead of farming this work out to expensive consulting companies, we decided to bring modal testing completely in house using m+p international's SO Analyzer as the cornerstone of our testing capability. The software has enabled us to perform two full modal tests in less than two months, and we are scheduled to complete 4 more in the next two months. The technical support has been superb, and we would recommend m+p to anyone looking to improve their dynamic testing capability.”

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