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Video: High-Frequency Testing of Automotive Elastomer Mounts

Elastomer mounts such as engine and chassis mounts, suspension bushes and vibration absorbers are thoroughly investigated and optimized for their specific application. Driven in particular by e-mobility, the test spectrum for determining dynamic stiffness as the key criterion is shifting towards ever higher frequencies.

With the m+p HFDST-3000-E high-frequency test rig, m+p international sets a new standard: It measures the dynamic stiffness of elastomer mounts up to 3,000 Hz with a simultaneous static preload of max. 5,000 N. The test rig adheres to the latest safety regulations and the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. During operation, a fully enclosed test chamber protects the operator from all hazards.

The concept of the m+p HFDST-3000-E is based on a specially adapted electrodynamic shaker. The test specimen is mounted between the shaker and a seismic mass, which can be lowered to apply a static preload from 0 to 5,000 N. The test mode is automatically controlled by the well-proven m+p VibControl software which also provides a variety of analysis tools.

Watch test set-up and operation of the m+p HFDST-3000-E test rig at SumiRiko AVS Germany in a 2-minute video now!

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