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High-Frequency Vibration Testing Using Piezo-Actuators

m+p international has developed a novel method for high-frequency mechanical excitation (> 2 to 40 kHz) of large (> 100 mm) and heavy (> 100 g) test specimens in co-operation with Dynamic Mechanics, a specialist for high-frequency exciters. The objective of this method is to excite the DUT or the test fixture onto which the DUT is directly mounted, using piezoelectric actuators. This new technique offers a considerable increase in performance with regard to the achievable frequency limit and vibration amplitude, as well as a reduction in the transverse vibration, at a lower cost than conventional methods.

Piezo-actuator cables Seven piezo actuators ceramic block

One piezo-actuator

Seven piezo-actuators with ceramic block

The concept uses a piezoelectric inertial exciter, mounted onto a seismic base with a reactionary mass, onto which a test specimen can be mounted. The piezo-actuator has a modular design, which offers greater versatility across a wide range of applications, e.g. as a single actuator for smaller specimens or in parallel operation for larger specimens.

Typical applications include investigation of the HF vibration immunity of MEMS gyroscopes and related assemblies (e.g. ECUs), acoustic characterization of vehicle components at higher frequencies, as well as durability testing of automotive components such as contacts and sensors.

Screenshot m+p VibControl chart showing lateral acceleration of a single actuator
m+p VibControl display: single actuator 20 kHz, lateral acceleration (green)

With m+p VibControl vibration control systems, traditional vibration tests (sine, random) can be carried out similarly to an electrodynamic shaker, but with greater flexibility in terms of the frequency and amplitudes possible. We believe that this sets a new standard in control accuracy and signal quality when testing larger components.

Read more in the article “High-Frequency Vibration”, Automotive Testing Technology International, June 2019.


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