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Automotive: High-Frequency Vibration Test Rig

The comfort characteristics of a vehicle are largely determined by the interior acoustics. To reduce noises generated within the cabin, elastomer mounts can be used to block the path from the source of vibration to the interior of the vehicle.

In order to characterize the frequency response of elastomer mounts over a suitable range (the human ear is most sensitive in the range 1-2 kHz), a test rig was developed through cooperation between m+p international, the IDS Institute of Leibniz University and Continental AG, all located in Hanover, Germany.

Test rig specimen details
High-frequency vibration test rig

The actuators of this test rig are piezoelectric and use the inverse piezoelectric effect, where a voltage is applied to the material to produce a mechanical movement. These devices are particularly suitable for this application because of their low amplitude and high frequency range. Actuator, specimen and measurement sensor are effectively isolated from the frame.

3D model test rig
Unavoidable resonances in the test frame do not affect the masses

Read more in the 2-page article “New vibration test rig” published in the June 2014 issue of the Automotive Testing International magazine.

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