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m+p Analyzer Release 5.4

With our m+p Analyzer 5.4, we offer you new possibilities to perform your vibration tests quickly, effectively and accurately:

Link Mobile Measurement Data with GPS Information

For a quick and easy assignment of your mobile measurement data to the recording locations, the GPS module of the m+p Analyzer stores all important geodata of an outdoor measurement as GPS track or time history and links it to the recorded measurement data. You will see markers of the measurement positions on online available maps, next to the chart of the measurement. The legend shows further parameters like height above sea level and the direction of movement and speed. With the GPX export function, you export data in GPX format for further processing into external programs and systems.

screenshot blue curve map
Measurement data and online map displaying GPS data

Reliable Vehicle Data Evaluation by CAN Bus Support

Use the CAN bus information of a vehicle to make your measurements even more meaningful! m+p Analyzer stores them in addition to the analog measurement signals, allowing you to record and evaluate NVH and vehicle data in parallel. This enables you to make precise statements about the condition of a vehicle and the causes of disruptive noises or vibrations.

CAN device selection; Adding and deleting CAN signals

Selecting CAN signal on device #1

Stay Within the Optimal Measurement Range Using the Auto-Range Tool

For acoustic measurements with low levels, the hardware dynamic range must be used in the best possible way. The Auto-Range Tool automatically matches the measurement range of the input channels with the signal levels of the transducers and thus finds the measurement range with the best dynamics.

screenshot text bar
Auto-Range Tool 

Precise Strain Measurements due to Shunt Calibration

With the shunt calibration, you create precise strain measurements reliably, even if you measure with large line lengths. Functional tests can also be performed. Large or negative line resistances, for example, indicate problems with the supply line, which are localized quickly in this way.

screenshot highlighted text blue
Shunt Calibration Tool

Never Miss an Important Event: Definition of Several Trigger Channels

Monitor your system even more precisely now! Define individual event triggers for each channel so that imminent overloads can be prevented while they are still developing. With the help of the pretrigger, m+p Analyzer records the measurement data before a trigger event to make the history of its occurrence exactly analyzable. Every level exceedance is reliably detected and starts the recording of the measurement data.

screenshot table
Configuring several trigger channels

Everything at a Glance with Clearer MDOF Tool

screenshot curve lilac
User-friendly MDOF analysis

In the MDOF tool, you now see all important functions in one window. This facilitates especially demanding modal analysis tasks, such as the detection of repeated or closely adjacent modes. You can select and set the functions quickly and safely.

Simple and Intuitive: Sound Power according to ISO 3745

screenshot beam diagram blue
Sound Power according to ISO 3745

Measure Sound Power according to ISO 3745 easily and quickly. A guided process, from the pre-test to the measurement and the automatic report, leads you through all individual steps specified in the standard. Many verifications and plausibility checks ensure the execution of standard-compliant measurements.

Flexible Data Import and Export with ATFX File Format

m+p Analyzer Revision 5.4 supports the import and export of the xml based ATFX format. This data exchange format of the automotive industry is independent of the IT architecture and the data model is highly flexible, yet well-defined for different application scenarios. Thus, data exchange between different applications is executed easily, safely and reliably.

External Access to Data and Selected Functions: m+p Analyzer API

The m+p Analyzer API serves as an interface to our m+p Analyzer software. You have access to data acquired with m+p Analyzer and to data acquisition functions using external software. Thus, you start a measurement run with your usual software and evaluate the acquired data there as well.

Controlling and Monitoring External Systems via Digital IO

ccreenshot control lamps
Digital IO control panel

The Digital IO Control panel provides an overview of the available digital inputs and outputs. The digital inputs are used to monitor the status of connected devices, e. g. to check whether all systems are ready and measurement can be started. You can switch digital outputs, for example, to start a motor or switch a temperature chamber on or off during the test run.

Fast and Automated Test Evaluation: Automation Feature

Automate repetitive evaluation routines for fast and safe execution! Create a "User program" or an "Add-in" for the repetitive work steps and link it to the data acquisition in the Automation Settings. Specify when the program is to be executed and sit back. The m+p Analyzer takes over the recurring work and you can dedicate yourself to test evaluation and other important tasks. 

screenshot configuration
Automation feature definition

Detailed Analysis of Rotating Systems: Torsional Vibration Feature

The Rotate module of the m+p Analyzer includes new procedures and methods for analyzing the rotational vibration behavior of machines. With the help of high-resolution tacho encoders, you detect unbalanced rotational movements reliably and quickly. A display of the torsional vibrations in the frequency domain provides valuable information about the order of the torsional vibrations and thus indicates their possible cause.

Spectrum of a tacho-encoder-signal

Synchronous spectrum of a tacho-encoder-signal

These and other improvements make the m+p Analyzer a user-friendly tool in everyday laboratory work.

The 7-page Update Note offers detailed information about the new functions in m+p Analyzer 5.4.

Contact your m+p sales account manager for a software demonstration tailored to your specific test requirements – online or on-site in your lab.

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