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m+p Coda Thermal Acquisition System

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m+p Coda for flexible and versatile temperature/voltage acquisition

With m+p Coda, m+p international supplies a scalable temperature/voltage acquisition system that requires no advanced training or programming knowledge to operate. From routine bake-out operations to full-scale spaceflight hardware tests, it combines accurate and reliable data collection that goes beyond standard temperature loggers with the ease-of-use and flexibility you expect from m+p international.

Benefit from m+p Coda’s outstanding versatility: It supports all environmental sensors from eight to thousands of channels for temperature, pressure, acceleration, displacement, DC values, strain, force, current, gas flow and electrostatic radiation acquisition. Mix these sensor types by combining different hardware platforms, allowing you to select the ideal signal conditioner for each of your sensors. Select from many different hardware platforms such as m+p VibRunner, m+p VibPilot, m+p VibMobile, Ametek VTI EX-XXXX, NI and CAN over USB or Ethernet. You may operate several hardware platforms simultaneously and at differing sample rates.

Key features include safe network-based server-client architecture, reliable data storage in a circular buffer, real-time thermal balance, trends, alarm alerts, user configurable plots, raw or truncated data export directly to Excel, support for in-chamber instruments such as TQCM and pressure sensors, support for OPC interface for advanced chamber control, and many more.

Find more information in our “m+p Coda Thermal Acquisition 2-pager”.


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