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m+p VibControl for Servo-Hydraulic Test Systems

Multi-axis seat testing using a servo-hydraulic system, DLR, Göttingen/Germany

Are you testing with a servo-hydraulic test system? Are your specimens heavy, large and require long distances and forces for vibration tests with dynamic loads, e.g. for fatigue strength investigations? Does your existing control system no longer meet the current requirements?

Our m+p VibControl is the perfect vibration control system for these complex and demanding tests. Servo-hydraulic control systems use PID control and iterative control processes. The m+p vibration control system works adaptively with transfer functions and therefore reacts very quickly to cracks or structural changes in the specimen. For this purpose, several accelerometers can be used for control with a mean/maximum/minimum averaging strategy and for DUT monitoring (tolerance, limiting) or vibration limitation (limiting) to prevent over-testing of the DUT and to protect the test system.

m+p vibration control systems support all excitation types of the relevant standards for sine, random and shock tests, e.g. according to the DIN EN 60068 series or the railway standard DIN EN 61373. Tests with time data (road load), mixed mode (SoR, RoR) or Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) are also possible.

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