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Mars Perseverance Rover: NASA JPL Relies on m+p international’s Test Systems

acoustic test in NASA test facility
Preparing an acoustic test in the Environmental Test Facility at NASA JPL in Southern California (photo credit NASA/JPL-Caltech)

Congratulations to the engineers and technicians at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory for the successful landing of Perseverance on the Mars! NASA JPL successfully completed the vibration and acoustic testing of the Perseverance rover at their facility in Pasadena, CA at the end of 2019.  For the vibration testing the m+p VibControl software was used in conjunction with m+p VibRunner measurement hardware. Both random and sine tests were performed in all three axes. Additionally, the acoustic testing was performed with the help of our digital acoustic control system also with the m+p VibRunner hardware. The common modular hardware allowed channel sharing across the testing from acoustic, vibration and separation shock testing. For the higher channel count tests in both vibration and acoustic testing, our data reduction system was utilized again using the common m+p international hardware. During some of the testing, m+p international's regional area manager Mike Layman was honored to be on-site to support the complex testing of this unique spacecraft.

The landing on Mars marked the beginning of a very ambitious mission. Perseverance is to search for traces of earlier microbial life on Mars. On board, the rover has scientific instruments and, among other things, the small helicopter Ingenuity to explore the terrain.

Gain interesting insights into testing of Perseverance testing in the 2:30 min. video Shake, Rattle & Roll from NASA JPL.

Video "Shake, Rattle & Roll" from NASA JPL

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