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m+p Analyzer 5.0

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m+p Analyzer Revision 5.0 replaces the former SO Analyzer generations of m+p international’s flagship noise and vibration measurement, analysis and reporting software. The new product platform provides significant 64-bit performance enhancements and massive increases in data handling capability while retaining all the convenience and simplicity of operation that users are familiar with in our previous products. The core of m+p Analyzer is a high performance SQL database storage system offering virtually unlimited high integrity storage to safeguard valuable data and provide unrivalled data management capability. Coupled with this is a new style graphics user interface that has a familiar layout but increases productivity in many ways. Graphics performance is particularly improved for large channel counts and high real-time rate displays without losing the simplicity of use for smaller system applications. All the post-process, analysis and reporting applications have been reengineered and enhanced to ensure m+p Analyzer continues to offer a complete solution for vibration testing and all NVH requirements.

A full bundle of enhancements in m+p Analyzer 5.0 helps save your time and money:

Advanced Database Storage

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Direct to file storage using a high speed industry standard SQL database provides secure, fast and efficient data storage limited only by disc space. The use of state-of-the-art SSD technology further enhances this feature providing typically 10 times the data read/write speed of standard discs. Because storage is file based, data integrity is ensured and very little time is required to open, close and recover data from even very large database project files.

Data Comparison and Exchange across Multiple Projects

Screenshot Multiple projects loaded
Multiple projects loaded

A key new feature is the ability to open multiple project files in the browser so that data exchange, comparisons with archived data and data searches across multiple projects are possible. Being a standard SQL database also offers the opportunity for your data to be handled by other SQL-friendly search tools. Of course, m+p Analyzer continues to support comprehensive import/export between many industry standard data formats.

64-bit Windows Performance

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m+p Analyzer takes full advantage of the large memory capabilities of Windows 64-bit. Full 64-bit memory capability of the PC means that much larger channel counts, longer recording times and many more result functions can be handled quickly and efficiently.

New Windows Docking and Task Panels Management

Window positioning tool
Window positioning tool

Using the extremely powerful docking and task panel features of the latest windows tools makes setting up your optimum m+p Analyzer project mainframe simpler than ever. Auto-sizing display layouts are limited only by your imagination. Of course, any window can be undocked to show it on another monitor.

Enhanced Browser Layout and Tree/List Functionality

Individual tabs grouping
Individual tabs grouping

The new browser has been reorganised into different tables to direct you more quickly to the relevant section of data. The familiar structure of workspaces containing related measurement sets has been retained but now these are not pre-grouped as part of the measurement setup. The new SQL-based grouping feature is a powerful way to organise and select your data by both common pre-defined header types or by user-defined searches. Adaptable context-driven menus and mouse click operations make handling data more user-obvious.

Multi-Chart Viewer

Multi-chart viewer
Multi-chart viewer

The new chart select tool allows from 1 to 64 charts to be included in one window with your preferred aspect ratio. Then the number of channels per chart and start channel selection fills the charts automatically with any number of data. Hence even display of 256 independent channels or more is achieved in a few mouse clicks.

Enhanced Menus and Toolbars

New menus and toolbars
New menus and toolbars

The classic functionality has been combined with new features into a rearranged selection of menus and toolbars. Each is user configurable, can be positioned as preferred and undocked.

New Geometry Editor for Modal Analysis

Geometry editor
Geometry editor

The editor in Revision 5.0 features multiple tabs with an animation viewer alongside to make the process of creating or editing geometries more efficient.

New Geometry Guided Measurements

Node control window
Node control window

New control panels replace the previous impact wizard and geometry guided modes used for taking modal analysis measurements linked to geometries. The classic method of a fully guided set of measurements from a pre-defined geometry and points list makes this the easiest to use for single-handed operations. Alternatively, points can be defined as required for each measurement in sequence even without any pre-defined geometry.

Measurements during a run can be previewed and edited as needed retaining all the excellent features in previous versions but extending this to include shaker-based applications.

These enhancements together with many smaller improvements make the m+p Analyzer much more powerful and easier than ever to operate.

Find detailed information on the impressive m+p Analyzer functionality in our Update Note.

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