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m+p VibPilot Now with Battery

With the proven 4/8-channel m+p VibPilot, m+p international sets the standard for affordable performance in vibration control, NVH testing and dynamic signal analysis. Now we equipped this versatile front-end with an optional battery for portable applications in the field and in the lab. Whether you want to take professional on-site measurements, do some quick troubleshooting in the field or place the instrument close to the specimen and sensors to minimize cable runs and noise: m+p VibPilot is the number one choice. No power supply is required. The battery autonomy is 4 hours for 8 channels ICP. The robust, dust-proof and fan-less steel housing qualifies the front-end for operation under tough conditions.

m+p VibPilot front-end
8-channel m+p VibPilot measurement front-end
two m+p VibPilot front-ends
m+p VibPilot front-ends can be operated in parallel

m+p VibPilot provides both Ethernet and USB connectivity to a host PC or laptop. Multiple instruments can be synchronized via the clock in/clock out circuitry without influencing their outstanding measurement performance. And if you want to be even more flexible: Using the Ethernet port, m+p VibPilot can be connected to our high-channel m+p VibRunner and m+p VibMobile measurement instrumentation.

m+p international hardware
m+p measurement hardware for different test requirements and sizes

Equipped with 24-bit sigma-delta A/D converters and a sampling rate up to 204.8 kHz, m+p VibPilot allows for alias-protected measurements in a frequency range up to 80 kHz and with more than 120 dB spurious-free dynamic range. Eight digital inputs and eight digital outputs enable engineers to directly execute control functions for combined environmental testing.

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