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Multichannel Vibration Monitoring

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Monitoring of large structures

There is a growing demand to monitor testing equipment and facilities during vibration and acoustic testing of large structures. System monitoring not only protects the structures being tested but also helps safeguard investments made in expensive equipment. The signals recorded from testing equipment are completely independent from signals collected by a typical control system. With the m+p Coda software package, we provide a multichannel signal monitoring system that enables full protection of the complete testing environment.

The system can be used to monitor 10s to 1000s of response data channels with multiple sampling rates in real time, independent of the control or data acquisition system. Continuous throughput to disc recording of time domain data can be started at any time. Alternatively, throughput can be used in burst mode, where time domain recording is triggered by a user defined event. In this mode, only a snapshot of data before and after the event is saved for all channels.

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Reliable alarm monitoring

m+p Coda accommodates signals from any type of sensors including but not limited to acceleration, velocity, displacement, strain, temperature, and voltage. These signals are continuously measured and compared to user-defined alarm and abort limits. When the signal measured exceeds the limit criterion, feedback is generated instantaneously. How the system responds to alarm or abort situations is also user-defined. Responses can range from on-screen messages to audio/visual feedback, or flipping digital I/O switches used to alert external equipment, such as the control system.

Read how a Californian aerospace facility uses m+p Coda for efficient overtest protection during spacecraft testing in the article “Multichannel Monitoring” published in the Showcase 2017 of the Aerospace Testing International magazine.

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