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NEW m+p Analyzer V5.5 Release

m+p Analyzer V5.5 Release

Welcome to the m+p Analyzer V5.5 release. Explore the exciting new features in our on-demand webinar!

We are delighted to present the highly anticipated m+p Analyzer V5.5 version to you!

The latest release of m+p Analyzer is packed with new application highlights, automation and data access interfaces and exciting quality of life features, making the m+p Analyzer more versatile than ever. Our application experts Dr. Thomas Hoffmann, Global Product Manager, and Dr. Andreas Renner, Head of Development, will guide you through the on-demand webinar to showcase the new functionalities for modal analysis, sound power measurement and shock testing. They demonstrate how API access leverages m+p Analyzer's capabilities, how throughput files can now be directly read from MATLAB, and much more. In addition, you will be guided through the Sound Power App Video Tutorial according to ISO 3746 and learn how you can easily record, display and process data with API access.


We have also released a new m+p Analyzer DSA datasheet, which you can find here:


Please get in touch with us to discuss your individual requirements or to receive a free trial version of the m+p Analyzer 5.5 software:

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