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Noise Testing of Wind Turbine Generators (IEC 61400-11)

Noise is an important factor in the development and deployment of wind turbines. To protect the environment, the level of noise emissions is strictly limited in many countries. IEC Standard 61400-11 specifies the measurement and analysis techniques of noise emissions by wind turbine generator systems.

Korea Institute of Energy Research located in Daejeon, South Korea, purchased m+p international’s SO Analyzer for measuring and analyzing the noise produced by the wind turbine power generators in Gangwon province. Testing is fully compliant with IEC Standard 61400-11 second edition.

Hill wind turbine generators instrument
Wind turbines of Korea Institute of Energy Research in Gangwon, South Korea

Acoustic measurements include:

  • A-weighted sound power level
  • 1/3 octave band levels
  • tonality

Please read more in our 3-page “Noise Testing of Wind Turbine Power Generators (IEC Standard 61400-11 Second Edition)” Application Note.

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