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NVH: m+p Analyzer Revision 5.1

m+p Analyzer 5.1, the latest version of our fully integrated platform for various NVH applications, is available now. The software enhancements provide you with greater efficiency and ease of use in daily operation. A focus was put on the support of the m+p VibMobile and m+p VibPilot measurement front-ends.

Support of New m+p VibMobile and m+p VibPilot Front-Ends

m+p Analyzer supports the new multi-channel m+p VibMobile front-end

We designed our new multi-channel m+p VibMobile measurement front-end primarily for mobile noise and vibration measurements and dynamic signal analysis. m+p VibMobile will open up many new applications in vehicle dynamics and other applications requiring a high channel density and portable or standalone operation. With its compact form factor, robust design, embedded CPU and storage media together with optional battery power, m+p VibMobile is ideal for portable use in the field or mounted in vehicles as well as for use in the lab.

m+p Analyzer with m+p VibPilot front-ends

Our 4/8-channel m+p VibPilot front-end has proven its excellent, yet affordable performance in numerous vibration testing and dynamic signal analysis applications. Now we have further enhanced these performance characteristics: Equipped with 24-bit sigma-delta A/D converters, single-ended or true differential selectable per channel in voltage and IEPE modes, and an increased sampling rate up to 204.8 kHz, the new m+p VibPilot allows for alias-protected measurements in a frequency range up to 80 kHz and with more than 120 dB spurious-free dynamic range. Importantly, Ethernet connectivity to a host PC or laptop was added as an alternative to the existing USB host interface. An additional input voltage range of ± 1 V peak full scale improves sensitivity for microphone measurements. The input voltage ranges of ± 1 V and ± 10 V are switchable per channel.

Strain Measurements

m+p Analyzer Rev. 5.1 offers full strain support for our m+p VibMobile and m+p VibRunner hardware. Both front-ends can be equipped with the new 102.4 kSa/s per channel bridge module which is perfect for dynamic strain measurements, experimental stress analysis and fatigue testing of mechanical structures. Each module supports eight strain gauges in full-, half-, or quarter-bridge configurations.

Server Licenses and Data Acquisition via Digital Input

For more license flexibility, m+p Analyzer can now be licensed on a server together with a server dongle. Several users can share a license without the need to pass dongles from one computer to the other.

When you want to start a measurement remotely, in the field or in the lab, a new easy-to-use function allows you to connect an external start mechanism e.g. a push button to one of the digital inputs of your m+p front-end.

2-Point Calibration

The 2-point calibration is typically needed for DC-coupled transducers which are showing a signal offset when measuring a 0 EU value or have a defined linear operating range. These transducers require a “y = mx+c” calibration using two static calibration points to automatically calculate slope (sensitivity) and offset calibration values.

Impact Testing

m+p Analyzer 5.1 offers two modes for impact testing. The new advanced impact mode allows you to be free to take any signal instead of being restricted to force and acceleration, for example.

Shaker Qualification Tool

m+p Analyzer provides an advanced software tool for acceptance tests and regular qualification tests of shakers. Total Harmonic Distortion, Amplitude Uniformity, Table Lateral Vibration Ratio and other relevant measures are evaluated to verify functionality and mechanical performance data and to minimize the risks of downtime and associated costs. The tests require 1 triax and 4 uniaxial accelerometers.

Many other smaller improvements make the m+p Analyzer even more powerful and user-friendly.

The 5-page Update Note gives detailed information on the m+p Analyzer 5.1 enhancements.

Our m+p Analyzer is successfully used in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, and by leading test houses worldwide.

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