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Release of m+p VibControl 2.15

The m+p international team is proud to announce the release of m+p VibControl 2.15 software. The new version provides numerous features which further improve the usability and expand the range of options.

Limiter Mode in Selfcheck Runs

The standard selfcheck is done with a fixed output level, which is a very efficient way of determining the structural responses. If you want to reduce this output level in specific areas, this can only be done by a manual definition of a selfcheck reference spectrum. The new limiter mode, however, automatically reduces the output level at critical points of the spectrum, which are mostly distinct resonances with low damping. The aim is finishing the selfcheck with a good signal-to-noise ratio and determining all required parameters while the specimen experiences only low to middle load.

Two screenshots one behind the other showing charts with traces
Selfcheck test run in VibPosttest: Limiter Mode compared to Fixed Level Mode

Drive Signal with Sine Tones in Mixed Mode

The mixed mode test mode displays the drive signal with sine tones included, so that voltage peaks are recognized immediately and the test spectrum can be set to a lower level, if necessary. For multi-sine, sine-on-random and sine-on-random-on-random testing.

Screenshot showing three charts with traces
Drive signal with sine tones

Weighting of Control Channels (EN 60068-2-6)

For test modes allowing several control channels, the new software revision provides a weighting option. This is especially helpful to control difficult test situations. For the average signal it is possible to give more weight to single signals so that they are included several times into the averaging process while others are only included once.

Screenshot at Test End

The VibRunner Options offer two new functions: Print screenshot at test end and Store screenshot at test end. For convenient reporting the whole VibRunner window with all charts is printed on the default printer or saved to the project’s result folder using the predefined file format.

Two screenshots overlapping open menu
Menu function “Print screenshot at test end” and screenshot example

Vector Add for Classical Shock and Road Load Simulation

m+p VibControl Rev. 2.15 features a Vector add function for the test modes classical shock and road load simulation. It sums the time signals of the measurement channels while taking into account their direction. Vector add has already been available for sine and random test modes.

Triax Accelerometer Channel Overlay

In VibPosttest it is now possible to overlay the result graphs of all three channels of a triax accelerometer in one chart.

Line Width Adjustable in VibPosttest Printout

For an enhanced quality of your VibPosttest printouts, m+p VibControl Rev. 2.15 offers the possibility to adjust the line width of measurement traces.

64-Bit Support

m+p VibControl Rev. 2.15 supports 64-bit Windows operating systems and has been adapted to it. Thus, the software works much faster as it can make better use of the PC memory.


There are many other smaller improvements which will provide you with greater ease of use in daily operation.

The 5-page Update Note gives detailed information on the m+p VibControl 2.15 functionality.

m+p VibControl is successfully used in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, and electronics as well as by leading test houses and research organizations.

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