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Road Load Simulation

Vibration testing is essential during design and product development of motor vehicles to ensure the reliability and structural integrity not only of the vehicle but also its components. Road load data provide a realistic, 'real world' control stimulus for a vibration test facility.

Calsonic Kansei is a Tier 1 global automotive component manufacturer, their European operation has 13 sites spread across the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Romania and Russia. The European test facility, based in Llanelli, Wales, was recently asked to carry out vibration tests using road load data on an automotive cooling pack assembly. The facility is equipped with four electrodynamic shakers, each controlled by m+p VibControl software and m+p VibPilot front-ends.

Road load vibration test rig
Road load vibration test rig at Calsonic Kansei, Wales

Using m+p’s road load software, engineers at Calsonic Kansei were able to create a 15-minute profile from the data supplied by their customer. The full test consisted of 700 repetitions of the profile, using a single control point at the top of the cooling pack assembly. m+p VibControl software provides unlimited time data replication with real-time, closed-loop control.

Monitor curves keyboard instrument
m+p VibControl dashboard showing road load test signal

To learn more about m+p international’s solution for vibration testing using road load data, please read the article „Vibration case study“ in the November 2104 issue of the “Automotive Testing International” magazine.

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