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Scalable Automatic Modal Hammer

Gathering knowledge of the dynamic properties (natural frequencies, modal damping, modal shapes) is necessary to develop better products characterized by lower noise emissions.

Car mirror man modal hammer
Small modal hammer

With this novel modal hammer it is possible to measure, in an automatic and reproducible way, the dynamic properties of components such as brake pads, gears, small shafts, turbine blades, and generators. These parameters help developing product and quality specifications that later guarantee the series manufacturing of a silent product. The Scalable Automatic Modal Hammer (SAM) leads to precise and repeatable excitation levels. The impacts are controllable in all directions in space. Two versions of SAM are available: a small one and a larger one for mid-sized test structures such as gearboxes, engine blocks or alternators.

Table round test modal hammer
Large modal hammer

The combination of SAM with a contactless Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometry enables fully automatic, precise and cost-effective structural dynamics measurements.

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