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Shock Measurement and Analysis

See how m+p Analyzer is used for Classical Shock and Shock Response Spectra (SRS) acquisition and processing.

Man operating shock test machine
Shock test machine

The m+p Analyzer software can interface with a variety of front-ends, from our own family of acquisition hardware (m+p VibPilot, m+p VibRunner, m+p VibMobile) to third-party NI modules (CDAQ, PXI). When combined with a shock machine (such as AVCO/AVEX, Lansmont), m+p Analyzer provides powerful acquisition and data processing tools for classical shock applications. The acquired signal can be post-processed (offset, drift compensation, filtering, etc.) and compared to limits or profiles that are manually defined or loaded by the user (MIL STD 810, DO 160, etc.). In order to optimize data processing and provide clear results, m+p Analyzer includes options to display max levels in velocity, acceleration, and shock duration, which can be viewed in a value table and/or as legend in a graph.

screenshot with chart showing classical shock traces
m+p Analyzer screenshot – Classical shocks

Various Shock Response Spectra (SRS) testing applications are also supported by m+p Analyzer. A dedicated wizard helps the user obtain fast and significant results.

Screenshot showing three SRS result traces
Screenshot: SRS results from raw signal, after offset, drift compensations and filtering

Get more details in our application note “Shock Measurement and Analysis with m+p Analyzer”.


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