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Turntide Technologies Pushes Vehicle Electrification to the Next Level Using m+p international Vibration Control and Analyzing Solutions

Turntide Technologies invents and scales breakthrough technologies to optimize how humanity uses energy. In their Cramlington, Sunderland and Gateshead factories in the northeast UK innovative components for electric vehicles (EVs), especially for the industrial and commercial transport sector, are designed, tested and produced. Having in-house testing capabilities enables efficient product development and validation cycles and also minimizes the environmental impact of transporting goods effectively supporting Turntide Technologies’ drive towards net zero.

Ensuring Safe Operation through EV Component Environmental Testing

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Figure 1: Combined vibration and thermal environmental simulation test rig. By utilizing digital I/O channels of m+p VibPilot the vibration test is only started when a certain temperature is reached.

Turntide Technologies' innovative electrification solutions and validation procedures are meeting relevant automotive standards on environmental testing, ensuring high quality products and fail-safe operation in electric vehicles. Batteries, inverters and ancillary EV components have to withstand rough conditions like long drives, shocks through potholes and uneven road conditions and all that in summer and winter temperatures alike.
Combined shaker and climatic chamber test setups allow simultaneous testing for vibration, temperature and humidity. For standard compliant test operation all conditions have to be controlled and monitored closely. m+p VibControl, the industry benchmark for professional vibration controllers, delivers safe and reliable operation of the combined shaker and climate chamber test setup. Turntide Technologies trusts m+p VibControl in their northeastern UK facilities in Gatehead and Cramlington.

Via m+p VibControl’s scheduling tool the vibration test is automatically started once the climatic chamber signals via digital I/O or OPC interface that conditions are within specifications. Even complex testing patterns involving different temperature ramps and vibration tests including multiple test types and levels can be comfortably set up beforehand or parallel to a running test due to true multitasking capabilities, ensuring high up-time and efficiency.

Figure 2: Random vibration profile compliant with ISO 19453-6. Total duration: 40 hours

Figure 3: Example temperature profile superimposed to the vibration test.

Mobile Testing Solutions

Turntide Technologies also tests their products in-vehicle during driving tests in real life conditions. There are aspects that are best tested on the road, like noise and vibration comfort measurements. Using the mobile m+p VibPilot data acquisition hardware with a long lasting, built-in and rechargeable battery, allows testing in all kinds of vehicles and mounting positions for maximum flexibility. Recording raw sensor data directly to hard drive using m+p Analyzer’s throughput functionality allows engineers to fully concentrate on the measurement and save multi-purpose data. Postprocessing and analyzing data later in office using m+p Analyzer with respect to acoustic, vibration or comfort criteria without being limited by processing during measurement offers a convincing high return on investment.


m+p VibPilot performed really well on its internal battery, giving 6 hours of continuous 8-channel operation during recent in-car measurements at a customer site. Operating on its own battery guaranteed that m+p VibPilot was free from any surges or spikes on the vehicle’s 12V system.
David Smurthwaite, Test Technology Team Leader at Turntide Technologies Transport Division


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