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Updating Faurecia’s Exhaust Systems Test Rig

Faurecia is a global player in the automotive industry with about 330 production sites and R&D centers worldwide. m+p international has updated and perfected the integrated exhaust systems testing rig used by Faurecia Emissions Control Technology in Shanghai. The new testing system consists mainly of an 8-channel m+p VibPilot vibration control system, a TIRA 3 ton shaker, a National Instruments cFP controller and the ignition system.

Test rig pipes shaker
Exhaust systems test rig

First of all, m+p engineering replaced the existing vibration control hardware by the compact m+p VibPilot front-end. m+p VibUtil software tool was added for communication with external equipment and test sequencing. Eight digital input channels and eight digital output channels establish links to external equipment for combined testing. Secondly, to realize the communication with the m+p vibration control system, m+p engineers modified Faurecia’s existing ignition system control software which was achieved without the need for any additional new hardware. The ignition system user interface software was also converted into Chinese by m+p international. The updated system controls the synchronization of the ignition and vibration test cycles and also detects and safely handles fault conditions which avoids over-testing and reduces the number of tests required. “m+p always considers customers’ requirements as a first priority, doing its best to adapt hardware and design-specific software in cooperation,” says Levin Sun, component test team leader at Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies. “Furthermore, we appreciate its fast response and after-sales support.”

Download the article “Test system renovation” published in the September 2016 issue of the Automotive Testing International magazine.

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