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VibControl: Advanced Vibration Control Methods

Always striving to be a leader in the aerospace and defence testing m+p international recently added a number of new control capabilities to its industry accepted VibControl software. These new features are supported on both VXI hardware and m+p’s VibPilot measurement system.

  • Predictive Advanced Sine Notching:  New notching utilizes existing data to predefine an adjusted notch profile to reduce or eliminate overshoot.
  • RSS Vector Notching:  By calculating the non-axial vector amplitude the damage to critical parts can be reduced.
  • Summed Force Notching: Force transducers can be summed digitally to eliminate the need for an external summing junctions as well as to ensure all transducers are within limits.
  • Overturning Moment Control: Utilizing force transducers and the X, Y coordinates the total overturning moment vector is calculated and notched on.
  • Time Domain Storage: With the new VibExec hardware and software time domain data can be streamed to a SCSI disc while retaining full control of the vibration test. Streaming data is taken at sampling rate independent of control requirements.
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