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Remote Control of B+K NEXUS Conditioning Amplifiers

m+p’s current VibControl Revision 2.11 (Windows 7 operating system, 64-bit version) now enables parameterization and remote control of Brüel & Kjaer NEXUSTM conditioning amplifier type 2692 via RS232 interface. This conditioning amplifier supports up to four piezoelectric accelerometers.

In the channel set-up, you enter the accelerometer sensitivity “pC/g” and the amplifier sensitivity “mV/g” which will be downloaded to the instrument before the test starts. This avoids type errors in the channel set-up and makes the time-consuming manual programming of the amplifiers superfluous. Another advantage: The test definition report clearly shows the used accelerometers.

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You can freely configure the existing analog input channels of the used VibControl hardware (m+p VibPilot or m+p VibRunner) with the individual channels of one or several conditioning amplifiers and IEPE accelerometers without the need to follow a certain order.

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