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Vibration Measurements on Rotating Machines

With the rotating machinery analysis module, our m+p Analyzer provides many functions required to measure and analyze both fixed and variable speed rotating machines for development diagnostics, commissioning evaluation, post-maintenance performance checks and a host of other monitoring applications.

Test stand for quality control on electrical motors with m+p Analyzer
16-channel m+p Analyzer with mixed instrumentation for QC on electrical motors

In these applications RMS, peak and peak-peak measurements of acceleration, velocity and displacement are valuable indicators of a machine’s condition. More advanced fault detection and diagnosis can be achieved with the addition of spectral 3D maps, order analysis, orbit analysis, envelope analysis, and more.

Screenshot showing orbits from raw and filtered histories
Orbits from raw and filtered histories

m+p Analyzer provides analysis algorithms, which can be used in on-line and post-processing modes to make and analyze measurements based on the variable or constant speed of the machine. The throughput mode enables logging of time data directly on hard disk. In post-processing, this data can be used to quickly generate time history analyses, spectrum analyses as well as order analysis with both amplitude and phase results.

The Rotate package is completed by additional functions such as balancing, bearing condition analysis and other typical performance characteristics of rotating machines. These can be helpful for quality control, commissioning checks, wear comparison over time and diagnostic validation between machine builds before and after maintenance. Short-term measurements over seconds to long-term monitoring over days and weeks are all possible.

m+p Analyzer screenshot showing charts with 1-plane balancing traces
m+p Analyzer: 1-plane balancing

We recommend using m+p Analyzer software with acquisition hardware developed by m+p international: m+p VibPilot, m+p VibRunner, m+p VibMobile. The voltage inputs (IEPE is supported) allow the use of any accelerometers, velocity sensors or displacement probes, and digital tacho inputs enable direct connection of digital rotary encoders. This complete system consisting of matching hardware and software meets the requirements of numerous standards such as ISO 13373, ISO 7919, ISO 10816, VDI 2056, ISO 2372, NF 90-300/310, BS 4675, the API acceptance testing series, etc.

Get more details and some typical applications in our application note “Vibration Measurements on Rotating Machines Using m+p Analyzer”.


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