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Vibration Testing: Continuous Time Domain Recording

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Gap-free time domain recording and vibration control in a single system

Vibration tests for mechanical environmental simulation of complex components such as satellites require a large number of control, watchdog and measurement channels. For these critical tests, m+p VibControl’s throughput function is a very valuable tool, since it allows the test engineer to record time domain data continuously during vibration control test. The software replaces a second, independent acquisition system that is still widely used for time history recording. Gap-free time domain recording and vibration control run in parallel in a single m+p VibControl system – this saves costs, increases test efficiency and minimizes operation errors, as tests only have to be defined once. There is no need for a separate data acquisition system, charge amplifier, additional sensors or cabling, nor are there additional follow-up costs caused by maintenance and calibration.

The powerful real-time throughput function supports all test modes and is independent from the channel count and the frequency range of the ongoing vibration test. The user can always access all of the original data for post processing and analysis purposes. The m+p VibControl throughput function enables him to easily post-process the recorded time data after the test run.

Read more in the article “Continuous time domain recording”, Aerospace Testing International, December 2017.


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