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  • Introduction
  • DFAN testing solution of m+p international
  • ARS NEUTRON Acoustic Transducer System
  • Recent DFAN testing results with analyzing uniformity, coherence and more
  • Discussing DFAN testing best practice
  • Q&A session

Meet Thomas Hoffmann

your contact for all your DFAN testing needs. Thomas is product manager at m+p international with an academic background in structural dynamics and acoustics. He will welcome you to attend the virtual presentation on DFAN testing. Contact him by submitting the form above.

After our Direct Field Acoustic Control demos in the US that left our expert visitors amazed, now you have the opportunity to experience the system live in Europe. Don’t miss out!

The high-performance m+p international Direct Field Acoustic Control System (DF-ACS) will be used to power Acoustic Research Systems NEUTRON, a system that has been designed from the ground up specifically for performing Direct Field Acoustic Testing (DFAN) or testing in reverberation chambers (RFAN). Scalable and quick to set up, the combination of m+p international’s Direct Field Acoustic Control and the ARS NEUTRON System provides a fully incoherent sound field that eliminates standing waves for greater precision and helps protect the test specimen from potentially damaging acoustic artifacts. This proprietary system gives users more control and flexibility to conduct acoustic tests with greater accuracy, increased efficiency, and in less time than ever, without the need of costly simulations.

The demonstration of our Direct Field Acoustic Testing capabilities will be hosted at CRITT M2A, a research and testing center in northern France. There, inside a semi-anechoic chamber, extensive test runs and analysis functions of the m+p international Direct Field Acoustic Control System and the ARS NEUTRON system can be explored.

Please contact us at your earliest convenience if you are interested in attending the demonstration of our next-generation, turn-key acoustic testing solution.


  • Dale Schick, Sales and Support Engineer m+p Acoustic Control
  • Eric Friedlander, CTO Acoustic Research Systems
  • Raf Mangelschots, Development Engineer m+p Acoustic Control
  • Fabien Seince, Sales and Support Engineer m+p Acoustic Control
  • Thomas Hoffmann, Product Manager m+p international


Virtual Microsoft Teams meeting

Date and Time

Thursday, October 21st, 2021 at 14:00 – 16:00 CEST


Thomas Hoffmann, Product Manager

For in-depth information about the NEUTRON System visit Acoustic Research Systems homepage at