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Protection of High-Value Test Articles against Overtesting with m+p VibMonitor

09 May 2024
11 am EDT 



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Protection of High-Value Test Articles against Overtesting with m+p VibMonitor

In the realm of unique test objects of significant value, development and testing engineers face the critical task of minimizing vibration testing risks. Opting for an independent monitoring solution provides a safer approach to ensure robust over-test protection. Learn how tools like VibMonitor reinforce safety protocols, shielding shakers and test specimens from potential operator errors or system malfunctions that might otherwise surpass desired vibration levels. 


Key Topics Include

  • Fundamentals of Independent Vibration Test Monitoring
  • Implementing Effective Safety Shutdown Procedures
  • Practical Applications with m+p VibMonitor

Date, Time

  • 09 May 2024
    11 am EDT

    If you can’t attend, register anyway! The webinar will be recorded and shared.


Lisa Cepeda, Marketing



Steve Nichols

Application Engineering Manager
m+p international

Steve provides customer-oriented solutions for all testing needs. He has great experience in dynamic testing applications and achieving standard compliance.