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Continuous Data Recording
and Monitoring
m+p Coda

Continuous Data Recording
and Monitoring
m+p Coda

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Continuous Data Recording
and Monitoring
m+p Coda

Continuous Data Recording
and Monitoring
m+p Coda

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m+p Coda is the universal turnkey software solution for fast and efficient data acquisition, signal analysis and monitoring. The many integrated tools provide functionality for a wide range of applications and configurations without programming knowledge. The clear user interface simplifies definition, measurement and evaluation so that high-quality results are quickly available.

m+p Coda allows you to stay on top of our data, when it comes to acceleration, force, strain, temperature, pressure and many more. With m+p Coda, testing is reliable, safe and compliant. Typical applications cover data acquisition and monitoring on thermal vacuum chambers and battery test rigs, stress and strain monitoring during load tests and vibration tests on shakers.

Our application experts provide you with a solution that is ready for measurement!


Scalable Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Analysis

m+p Coda covers the whole range of your real-time data acquisition and monitoring needs. It’s scalable from 2 to thousands of channels with sample rates up to 200 kHz. Configurable warning and abort limits on each channel with triggerable actions ensures protection of your specimen or facility. Calculated channels directly display complex information, e.g. force vector amplitude or averages.

Powerful Data Management

Configurations and data from all sources are securely stored in a uniform database. Analyze the measurement fitting to your needs at any time, online or after the test. Combining logical or virtual channels to configurable groups allows you to quickly access the data currently relevant for you.

Automatic Instrument Configuration

With one mouse click, m+p Coda recognizes and configures the connected measurement hardware. Select the required instruments for the subsequent parallel measurements. Channel configurations and data displays can automatically be created and configured.


m+p VibPilot

Two m+p VibPilot front-ends

  • Portable, compact, rugged housing
  • 4 or 8 input channels, expandable
  • 204.8 kHz max. sampling rate
  • 24-bit resolution
  • Ethernet and USB host interfaces
  • 2 source output channels, safety shutdown
  • 2 tacho inputs
  • 8 digital inputs/outputs
  • Fanless for noise measurements
  • Synchronization of multiple m+p VibPilot front-ends

More information on m+p VibPilot

m+p VibRunner

m+p VibRunner many input channels

  • Desktop or 19" rack mounting
  • 8-24 input channels per m+p VibRunner
  • Synchronization of multiple m+p VibRunner frontends
  • 204.8  kHz max. sampling rate
  • 24-bit resolution
  • 1 Gbit/s Ethernet interface
  • Bridge sensor conditioning
  • 2-12 source output channels per m+p VibRunner, safety shutdown
  • 2-12 tacho inputs
  • 8 digital inputs/outputs per m+p VibRunner

More information on m+p VibRunner

NI Hardware

  • Support of thermocouple, analog input and digital I/O modules from National Instruments: USB-6001, USB-9211, USB-9213, USB-9214, USB-9234, USB-9402
  • Communication with the NI CompactDAQ chassis is done via Ethernet or USB

More information on NI Hardware

VTI Instruments Hardware

VTI Instruments acquisition hardware

  • Support of the scalable, standalone 48-channel LXIbus-based EX10xxA series instruments for thermocouple and voltage measurements
  • Support of the LXI-based EX1629 remote strain gauge measurement unit for static and dynamic structural tests, e.g. on aircraft and rail vehicles, and general multi-channel data acquisition

More information on VTI Instruments Hardware


Broad Hardware Support

m+p Coda supports all m+p international hardware as well as a broad range of hardware platforms such as VTI and National Instruments. You can even mix sample rates for each instrument, making it easy to add additional sensors to your test.

Accessible from Everywhere

m+p Coda’s state-of-the-art client-server architecture is easily set up and integrated in your existing IT network. The configuration is centrally available and can be accessed on all workstations. Any number of workstations can be connected from anywhere in your facility, each with its own configurable display. Distributed hardware allows placing the instruments close to the test.

Analyzer wind power station rotor blades

Integrates into Your Tool Chain

m+p Coda connects to your other devices and tools. Connect to other instruments and hardware via OPC, CAN, LXI, Ethernet and digital I/O and integrate m+p Coda’s safety measures in your test facility. Data export to common formats like ASCII, Excel and Matlab as well as m+p Analyzer throughput files lets you postprocess the measured data using your familiar tools.