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m+p Coda Measurement of Strains and Stresses

Measuring strain and stress gives valuable insight into the actual structural load and helps validating simulation models. Monitoring strain and stress during a test allows you to react to potentially damaging loads in time and protects your valuable specimen. m+p Coda supports direct application and analysis of strain gauges and rosettes in an efficient manner. Clear display of the measured data and freely configurable warning and abort limits secure compliant and safe testing.

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  • Validating FE models
  • Overload protection during mechanical tests
  • Uni-axial strain gauges and rosettes
  • Multi-axis stress monitoring
  • Prediction of higher load stresses during test
  • Online principal strain and stress display

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Experimental testing using strain gauges is necessary in a wide range of applications like testing airframes down to individual components, e.g. train suspensions. m+p Coda makes your stress and strain test reliable, safe, and convenient for any number of channels up to 200 kHz sampling frequency. Our application experts provide you with a turnkey solution that is ready for measurement. Once installed it can be adapted without programming knowledge.

m+p Coda supports uni-axial and multi-axial strain measurements. Strain gauges can be directly connected to the m+p VibRunner hardware or a number of third-party hardware platforms. m+p Coda natively supports multi-axial strain rosettes which give valuable information about structures with complex strain states. Export of the measured data for post-processing enables comparison with Finite Element calculations and validation of digital twins.

Principal strains, stresses and directions can be directly set up as virtual channels. During the test your specimen is well monitored. CodaTrend automates high-load prediction by providing graphical trend plotting of strain values on any channel as an additional safety measure. It serves as an additional safety loop, monitoring critical stress levels. In case of a violation, m+p Coda communicates with secondary devices like load systems via OPC and digital I/O to protect the test specimen.

m+p Coda assists you in setting up strain measurements more convenient and quicker. Integrated automatic shunt calibration, compensation of temperature induced strains and automatic hardware configuration gets you ready for reliable and calibrated testing in minimal time.


Data at a Glance – Ensures Reliable Test Results

m+p Coda’s individually user configurable displays allow you to prepare, start, and run your test reliably. Each strain gauge channel can be checked prior testing. Trend calculation for higher loads as well as test-specific warnings and abort levels ensure protection from over-testing.

Flexible Hardware Integration – Fits the System to the Task

m+p Coda supports all m+p international hardware as well as a broad range of hardware platforms such as VTI and National Instruments to go beyond just strain gauges. You can even mix sample rates for each instrument, making it easy to add additional acceleration, force, and voltage sensors to fit the measurement system to the task.

Turnkey Solution – Easy Set-up and Integration in Your Existing IT Network

m+p Coda’s state-of-the-art user interface, combined with its client-server architecture, is easily set up and integrated in your existing IT network. The configuration is centrally available and can be accessed on all workstations and data from all sources is securely stored in a uniform database.

Global Service Support – Help is always around the Corner

m+p international’s network of service experts and partners provides fast remote and on-site support. Our comprehensive service offering allows you to keep your software up to date, achieve regulatory compliance, maintain high performance, and maximize uptime throughout the life cycle of your equipment.