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m+p Coda Vibration Monitoring during Shaker Tests

Vibration tests must be safe and reliable. This is especially true for high value specimens. m+p Coda captures and records signals such as acceleration, temperature and strain during vibration tests, irrespective of the vibration control system in use. It allows you to set alarm limits for a warning or even a safe test shutdown on any of the physical or virtual channels. Specimen and shaker are reliably protected against misconfiguration or defective sensors securing compliant and safe testing.

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  • Vibration test monitoring on shakers
  • Data acquisition during launch simulation for satellites
  • Combined vibration thermal battery testing for EVs
  • Multi-shaker vibration lab monitoring
  • Load monitoring on sensitive structures

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m+p Coda’s structural monitoring is made to deliver a turnkey solution that can serve flexible testing requirements. It reliably monitors structural and operating conditions of test specimens, shakers and additional devices like amplifiers and fans. Our application experts provide you with a ready to measure and monitoring solution.

m+p Coda adds an additional safety loop to your testing. Regardless of your facilities’ individual hardware setup, m+p Coda overwatches correct operation of all relevant signals in real time. You can trust m+p Coda’s comprehensive warning and abort functions to alert you, trigger measurements or even safely stop the test when critical conditions occur. The limits can be individually configured for each channel, including virtual channels. No matter how many channels you operate, the dedicated warning display shows you any limits violation by an intuitive color code. During the whole test sequence events are logged. Displaying each sensor’s value in configurable views lets operators react to the operating condition even faster.

m+p Coda delivers scalable data acquisition and monitoring systems up to several thousand channels. It supports all m+p international data acquisition hardware as well as a broad range of hardware platforms. The intuitive user interface assists you by automatically configuring your m+p Coda measurement system without any specialized programming.

Operate the whole test facility from a single m+p Coda installation. The state-of-the-art client-server architecture integrates in your existing IT infrastructure. Connect any number of displays to the m+p Coda system showing each test stands operation while overseeing the facility from a central control room.


Reliable Shaker Tests – Protected by an Independent Safety Loop

m+p Coda VibMonitor runs an independent safety loop in parallel to the shaker’s vibration controller using dedicated hardware. Monitor not only structural data like forces and accelerations, but also have an eye on amplifier temperatures or fan speeds. In case of a malfunction, the controller’s safe shutdown can be triggered. The safety loop is always reliable, no matter which controller you use.

Channel Processing – Get the Information You Need

m+p Coda lets you group channels, assigning a custom name and displaying the data based on your selection. Quickly assess component vibration levels. The ChannelCalculator makes easy work of processing the data into virtual channels online. Create force vector amplitudes or apply bandpass filters. Safety measures apply to all channels, physical or virtual.



Data at a Glance – Take Actions at the Right Time

m+p Coda features user configurable data displays to provide clear data overview. Channel specific warning and abort levels ensure specimen protection. Facility operators can quickly assess the test condition at all times, securing dependable operation.



Global Service Support – Help is always around the Corner

m+p international’s network of service experts and partners provides fast remote and on-site support. Our comprehensive service offering allows you to keep your software up to date, achieve regulatory compliance, maintain high performance, and maximize uptime throughout the life cycle of your equipment.