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Dynamic Signal Acquisition and Analysis

m+p Analyzer systems are available for field and laboratory use from 4 to many hundreds of measurement channels. From gathering simple time history data to narrowband (FFT) spectra, fractional octaves, wavelets, shock response spectra and much more, m+p Analyzer real time analyzers can be used with a wide range of instrumentation hardware including our own m+p VibPilot, m+p VibRunner and m+p VibMobile systems as well as many NI devices and modules. Low cost portable instruments to systems for distributed measurements can be configured for maximum flexibility. Measurement data from all sources are stored in a common format so it is easy to compare and handle results from any measurement source.

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  • Multichannel recording of vibration signals
  • Rugged portable, mobile and stationary systems
  • Online and offline analysis in the time and frequency domain


Download Information: Dynamic Signal Acquisition and Analysis

Product Datasheet "m+p Analyzer Dynamic Noise and Vibration Measurement, Analysis and Reporting"

m+p Product Guide "Noise and Vibration Analysis"


Real Time Analyzer with Over 50 Standard Measurement Functions

The m+p real time analyzer is compatible with a wide range of sensors for future-proofing. More than 50 standard measurement functions are available from time, spectra and frequency response functions to histograms and statistical results.

Key Features

Real Time Analyzer

  • Real-time data acquisition, analysis and reporting in one package
  • Wizard-driven set-up of all measurement parameters for quick and easy operation
  • Free installation of the m+p Analyzer Viewer to actively view/analyze data on any MS Windows/Office PC

General Dynamic Signal Acquisition

  • Multi-channel FFT and time history data acquisition
  • Continuous or triggered measurements
  • Peak and rms time history data reduction
  • Real-time acceleration to velocity and displacement computations
  • Display and storage of all intermediate results

Time Recorder (Throughput to Disc)

  • Time recording to memory or file, limited to 2 M samples per channel, max. 16 channels
  • Unlimited throughput to disc acquisition with scheduled recording
  • Typical throughput of 102 KSamples/second for 256 channels using standard PC hardware
  • Online display of time or spectrum data while recording

Data Analysis

  • High-resolution online FFT analysis using the 2D/3D viewers of the m+p eReporter
  • Copy & paste ActiveX elements to MS Word and PowerPoint
  • Data import and export for *.UFF, *.SOT, *.RPC III file format
  • Data import for m+p VibControl file format


  • Analysis of large measured or imported time data files
  • Wide range of analysis functions with up to 128,000 spectral lines (FFT, PSD, FRF etc.)
  • Automated, comprehensive test reporting using the Reporting Wizard
  • User programming for automation of tasks
  • All data import/export filters
  • Calculator