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m+p eReporter

m+p eReporter is the powerful reporting tool of the m+p Analyzer dynamic signal analyzer. It provides test engineers with comprehensive capabilities for browsing and viewing data, copying & pasting data to ActiveX applications, importing test data from many third-party noise & vibration systems and automating repetitive tasks. This full functionality is available without any measurement hardware connected.

The Browser, the main user interface of the m+p eReporter, can contain one or more workspaces for storing measurement data, very similar to the Windows Explorer concept. Data of other projects can be imported and mixed with the current project to create new project structures.

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  • Integrate test data from different sources into one common data processing and reporting environment
  • View, analyze and reformat test data
  • Generate automatic or interactive reports

Download Information: m+p eReporter

m+p Product Guide "Noise and Vibration Analysis"

Data can be viewed in 2D and 3D (waterfall/colourmap) displays simply by dragging and dropping. A full range of display formatting features like cursors, colours etc. is available. Windows like dropdown menus simplify the operation. All displays, including the data, can be copied and pasted directly into ActiveX compliant applications such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

Key Features

m+p eReporter – Noise and Vibration Analysis and Reporting

  • Central management, analysis and reporting of all noise and vibration data
  • Data import and export for *.UFF, *.SOT, *.RPCIII file format
  • Data import for m+p VibControl file format
  • Browse, view, rescale, analyze, organize measurement and modeshape results
  • 2D and 3D (waterfall/colourmap) charts, animation display for mode/deflection shapes
  • Copy & paste ActiveX elements to Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
  • Rescale and analyze test data in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint on any PC with the free m+p Analyzer Viewer software
  • Mathematical operations with built-in calculator
  • Automate repetitive tasks and implement your own functions with embedded user programming