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Rotating Machinery Analysis

The Rotate software package is part of the m+p Analyzer Software for noise & vibration measurements and analysis. It provides a wide range of data acquisition and analysis tools for capturing and understanding noise and vibration induced in rotating and reciprocating machines by their motion. Fixed and variable speed machines are accommodated as are both structural vibration and condition monitoring diagnostics. Multiple tacho inputs can be processed for accurate speed tracking during analysis. Spectral mapping, order tracking, time history and orbit data analysis are all available.

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  • Rotating machinery diagnostics
  • Analysis of noise and vibration problems related to rotational forces, e.g. in automotive and aircraft engines, transmissions, gearboxes, compressors, pumps, turbines, electric motors
  • Machinery condition monitoring
  • Order analysis
  • Balancing and bearing analysis

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m+p Product Guide "Rotating Machinery"

Application Note "Vibration Measurements on Rotating Machines”

With the m+p Analyzer Rotate software, the acquisition of spectra for an online waterfall display can be triggered based on RPM or time values, and orders can also be acquired and displayed online. The simultaneous acquisition of vibration and tacho signals as time records (throughput recording) additionally allows offline postprocessing analysis with spectral maps and advanced computed order tracking. The software uses intelligent wizards that, step by step, guide through the process of performing a rotating machinery data acquisition and analysis. Waterfall and 2D graphs can be directly copied and pasted into ActiveX compliant applications such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

Machinery Condition Monitoring

The Rotate software includes the functionality required to measure and analyse both fixed and variable speed rotating machines and evaluate balance, bearing condition and performance characteristics for quality control, commissioning checks, wear comparison over time, checks between machine builds or before and after maintenance, etc.

rms, peak and peak-peak measurements of acceleration, velocity and displacement are valuable indicators of machine condition and can all be measured from a single sensor channel. Both short-term measurements over seconds to long-term monitoring over days and weeks are possible. More advanced fault detection and diagnosis can be achieved with the addition of order analysis, spectral 3D maps, orbit analysis, etc.

Key Features

Rotating Machinery Analysis

  • Data collection, analysis and reporting in one package
  • Processing of analog and digital tacho signals
  • RPM or time dependant triggering
  • Real-time and computed order tracking
  • Real-time waterfall/colourmap display
  • Tacho Spline Fit calculates RPM versus time from the raw tacho signal
  • RPM Spectral Map creates a 3D plot of amplitude versus frequency versus RPM or time
  • Frequency Order Tracking cuts orders from the Spectral Map
  • Machinery Condition Monitoring: Fixed or variable speed machines; time based rms, peak, peak-peak trends of acceleration, velocity and displacement; envelope analysis
  • 1 and 2 plane Balancing
  • Orbit Analysis: Study of displacement transducers on rotating machinery; calculating and averaging single/multiple rotations over time
  • Intelligent wizards for easy and safe user guidance
  • Copy & paste to ActiveX applications
  • Free installation of the m+p Analyzer Viewer software to actively view/analyze data on any MS Windows/Office PC