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Vibration Test Rigs

Complete Vibration Test Rigs from m+p international

If you are looking for a complete vibration test rig from one source, m+p international is the place to come. We also provide custom-made vibration test rigs which are built in close co-operation with our customers in accordance with their requirements and specifications.

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Vibration Controller – Shaker – Accessories

We have enjoyed partnerships with renowned shaker manufacturers for many years and have the experience it takes to provide complete test stands, including the vibration controller, the computer platform, the shaker and accessories such as transducers (e. g. accelerometers), fixtures and cables. We also calculate, design and manufacture special vibration fixtures.

Combined Climatic and Vibration Testing

And if you want to combine functional, climatic and vibration testing, or if you need very special vibration test rigs, m+p international has the necessary experience to provide a complete solution for you.

Acoustic Test Rigs

The m+p engineers design and build complete acoustic test stands based on our standard software products. m+p international also provides combined acoustic/vibration controller solutions which meet the requirements for a closed-loop controller for both the vibration and acoustic environments.