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Screenshot sine control test run

Sine Vibration Control

Sine control is one of the two basic and most common excitation modes for Environmental Shaker testing. This control mode performs real-time closed-loop control of swept sine vibration. The m+p VibControl vibration control system allows the user to designate all input channels as control, watchdog and/or measurement channels.

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  • Sine testing is used for proving product reliability and for structural resonance search in all kind of applications such as automotive, electronics, aerospace, consumer products and military
  • Multi-sine: Durability tests at largely reduced costs and time

Download Information: Sine Vibration Control

m+p Product Guide "Vibration Testing"

Application Note "Force Limited Vibration Testing"

Key Features

Sine Vibration Control

  • Fully compliant with DIN, MIL-STD 810 and many other standards
  • Support on electrodynamic and hydraulic shakers
  • Frequency range up to 20 kHz or 40 kHz, hardware dependent
  • All input channels available as control, watchdog and/or measurement channels
  • Control strategy: average, maximum, minimum
  • Notching/force limiting
  • True multi-tasking without loss of real-time control
  • Profile defined with up to 1,024 breakpoints
  • Control on acceleration, velocity, displacement and force
  • Time data display and frequency display
  • Seamless import/export of test results into applications such as MS Word, MS Excel, and m+p Analyzer for dynamic signal analysis
  • Measuring and monitoring DC signals for functional testing

Sine Dwell Set-Up (incl. Resonance Search, Tracking and Phase Lock)

  • Specifications as per Swept Sine
  • Dwell schedule table allows 50 dwell points to be defined
  • Each dwell can be a fixed frequency, fixed phase, peak amplitude search and track or defined phase search and track
  • Each dwell independently defines control (ref) and measurement channels
  • Dwell at each point for user-selectable seconds, minutes or cycles
  • User-controlled measurement data storage rate

Sine Displacement and Velocity Control

  • For sine testing starting at very low frequencies, displacement transducers can be used
  • At a defined frequency, the control changes automatically from displacement transducer to accelerometer transducer

Sine Data Reduction

  • Track and online analysis of measured data or taped swept sine data using the COLA signal
  • Time data can be recorded on throughput disc
  • Scalable hardware from 4 to 1,280 channels
  • Fully replaces tape recorder

Multi-Sine Excitation

  • Sweeping up to 10 sine tones simultaneously at different levels across the desired frequency range
  • Typical sweep rate 1 octave/min. for all sine frequencies
  • Sine tones have their own digital tracking filters and can be switched on/off individually