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Time Domain Replication (Road Load Simulation)

Ultra-Flexible Editor and Closed-Loop Controller

The powerful graphical editor makes it easy to review and compile your field sample data for use in the test lab. The point editor, filters, velocity and displacement compensation ensure the test feasibility is evaluated at an early stage. The continuous closed-loop controller then replicates the test files with very high levels of precision. The control algorithms use a continuous coherence averaging technique to ensure a stable proactive control loop that will not only provide accurate replication but will also respond to changes in test item dynamics.

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  • Road load signal replication of test tracks, race circuit or road conditions
  • Automotive accelerated product durability testing
  • Replication of flight recorded vibration
  • Long-time transient signal replication, e.g. earthquake simulation
  • Replication of package transportation vibration data
  • Engine vibration replication, e.g. marine or automotive
  • Gunfire simulation from recorded or SRS synthesized data

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m+p Product Guide "Vibration Testing"

Powerful Reporting

Upon test completion the measured data can be reviewed using an unmatched range of reporting tools that will automatically filter data types, embed company logos, use predetermined report layouts and, if required, you can send the data to your customer in an active form within your electronic report copy.

Key Features

Time Domain Replication (Road Load Simulation)

  • Unlimited time data replication
  • Continuous closed-loop control
  • Advanced field sample data compilation
  • Multiple road surface test sequencer for automated, long-term durability testing including email and SMS messages
  • Active control loop
  • Full signal editing suite
  • Powerful report generator
  • Automatic end-to-end report repeats