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Vibration Monitoring

Vibration tests must be safe and reliable and this is especially true for high value specimens in critical aerospace testing applications. Here, m+p Coda offers maximum safety: The monitoring system captures and records data such as acceleration, temperature and strain continuously during vibration tests - irrespective of the vibration control system in use. Each channel can be configured separately for total flexibility.

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  • Critical vibration testing (aerospace)

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Article "Multichannel Monitoring and Overtest Protection" published in the Showcase 2017 of the Aerospace Testing International magazine

Reliable Overtest Protection of Specimen and Shaker

The m+p Coda vibration monitoring system ensures that alarm events triggered by defective sensors or misconfiguration are avoided or can be used to switch off the shaker immediately. It can also monitor continuously before, during and after a test with the vibration control system on-line or off-line.

Full-Featured Vibration Monitoring

m+p Coda provides all relevant signals from the unit under test and the shaker in a very compact format. The active channels are clearly displayed in a separate window, out-of-limit data can be seen at a glance. Alarm events are entered into a log file and can be reviewed at any time.

Desktop and Rack-Mounted Instrumentation

To measure accelerations, temperatures and strains, m+p Coda supports the powerful m+p VibRunner acquisition hardware. m+p VibRunner is modular by design: The basic unit is a 19“ mainframe that houses up to three front-mounted functional modules. It can be used as a desktop instrument or equipped with mounting brackets for 19” rack mounting. When several m+p VibRunner frontends are operated in parallel, data acquisition over all devices and channels will be exactly synchronized by means of a daisy chain connection.

The following modules can be configured:

8-channel A/D module, 24-bit resolution, 102.4 kHz maximum sampling rate, sigma-delta A/D converter, ± 10 V input voltage, true differential/single-ended, AC/DC coupling, ICP/TEDS support, BNC connections with LED status information in ICP mode.

8-channel bridge module, 24-bit resolution, 102.4 kHz max. sampling rate, ¼- , ½- or full bridge for 120, 350 or 1.000 Ω strain gauges, 0 to ± 5 V programmable voltage, input voltage for strain gauges ± 100 mV, ± 1 V, input voltage for voltage channels ± 100 mV, ± 1 V, ± 10 V, 8-pin RJ45 or LEMO connectors.

8-channel temperature module for thermocouples types B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T or RTDs, 24‑bit resolution, 205 Hz max. sampling rate, TEDS support.

Key Features

Vibration Monitoring and Overtest Protection System

  • Continuous vibration monitoring before, during and after a vibration test
  • Reliable limitation of vibration level
  • Operation with any vibration controller
  • Protection of specimen and shaker
  • Real-time monitoring of acceleration, strain and temperature data
  • Full-featured alarm monitoring and event handling
  • Individual configuration of each channel
  • Acquisition hardware for desktop and 19” rack-mounted use
  • Precise synchronization of multiple devices when higher channel counts are required