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m+p Analyzer Viewer

m+p Analyzer Viewer is a free version of m+p Analyzer which allows viewing the contents of a multitude of proprietary and third-party file formats:

  • m+p Analyzer project files (*.sop5)
  • m+p Analyzer throughput files (*.sot)
  • Universal File Format (*.unv/*.uff)
  • Text (*.txt/*.csv)
  • HP Standard Data File (*sdf/*.dat)
  • Teac (*.hdr)
  • MTS RPC (*.csd/*.rpc/*.rsp/*.trn/*.drv)

With m+p Analyzer Viewer, you can show measurements in charts, waterfall charts or colormaps as well as geometries and modes contained in the project. Even basic analyses like FFT or integration of measurements are available.

Note: m+p Analyzer Viewer is include in m+p Analyzer installers from version 5.2.1 and does not have to be installed separately.

Check revision history in Analyzer Viewer Help menu for changes and fixes.