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Issue 8: Reporting

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In this edition of our series m+p Analyzer Basics we will take a look at the reporting features of m+p Analyzer. We will show how to setup reporting, save and load templates and enable the quick report feature.


Configure Personalized Reports

The report features are intended to automatically place 2D charts, 3Dcharts as well as mode shapes in a .pdf or .docx document. A report may be defined to use all data available in a project or just the data from the currently selected workspace. Reporting templates for workspaces make it easy to generate reports very quickly: Just right click the workspace, select "Report (Workspace)" and the report is generated.

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The reporting layout is pre-configured to display the most relevant information by default, but can be customized for your specific use. A wide range of configuration options are offered, most notably:

  • Title page: Choose to display auto-generated titles based on workspace or project names, operator names and your company logo
  • Description: Free text, e.g. a description of the measurement setup can be displayed on the second page of the document
  • Measurements: There are extensive configuration options for sorting, grouping and displaying measurements, for example:
    – Number of charts per page
    – Number of measurements per chart
    – Type of data, e.g. time history or spectra
    – Options to display meta data or calculated properties
    – Customizable font size, line colors, chart size
    – Options to display cursors or peaks in a spectrum
  • Modes: An overview table of all modes and metadata such as frequency or damping can be added to a mode display
  • Setup: Measurement setups can be included in the report to show the channel configuration

These are just a few of many options that allow for a custom-tailored report. The ability to save the reporting layout as a template for future projects is particularly convenient. A template file can be easily exported from m+p Analyzer and exchanged with colleagues or imported in new projects.

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