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Plus de sécurité : vérifications régulières des performances du moyen d’essais et des caractéristiques du contrôleur

software start window
Shaker Qualification Tool – start window

When you perform vibration tests, you must always be 100% confident in your shaker and controller. With our user-friendly Shaker Qualification Tool, you can regularly check the condition and performance of the shaker and the controller characteristics. Numerous functions are available to check shaker performance and evaluate it: Signal-to-noise ratio, total harmonic distortion, amplitude uniformity, table lateral vibration ratio, indicating error, sweep rate, power density spectrum, total RMS, acceleration spectral density and impact waveform. For the controller, you can control total harmonic distortion, frequency and dynamic range. The automatic reporting feature allows to document the system performance data and track it over time. This allows you to schedule maintenance early and reduce downtime and associated costs.

The Shaker Qualification Tool is available as add-on to the m+p Analyzer software which offers a large variety of options for dynamic signal analysis as well as environmental vibration testing.



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