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Banc de test haute-fréquence pour supports élastomères livré en Asie

banc de test haute fréquence
High-Frequency Test Rig for Elastomer Mounts

The vibration transmission characteristics of engine mounts, in particular the dynamic stiffness, are of key importance to NVH engineers. Driven by e-mobility and the need for reduced noise inside the car cabin, there is an increasing demand for higher test frequencies to characterize these mounts. Our high-frequency vibration test rig measures the dynamic stiffness and the loss factor in a frequency range up to 3,000 Hz.

Recently, we delivered a high-frequency vibration test rig to an R&D center in Asia. This now allows them to analyze the stiffness of their specimens in a frequency range from 50 to 3,000 Hz under controlled preload conditions.

The test specimen is mounted between the electrodynamic shaker and a seismic mass, which can be lowered to apply a static preload from 0 to 5,000 N. When running a predefined test, the software continuously optimizes and controls the acceleration of the shaker, inducing dynamic loading on the elastomer within the selected frequency range. By measuring the input acceleration below the specimen and the resulting dynamic reaction force above the specimen, the dynamic transfer stiffness is calculated.

During the last months, all m+p international sites worldwide were fully operational. Even in challenging times, we could deliver the high-frequency test rig to our Asian customer on time.

Watch test set-up and operation of the test rig at another customer, SumiRiko AVS Germany, in a 2-minute video now!



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