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DuPont : amélioration de la résistance au feu grâce à m+p Coda

Titel Thermoman manikin in fire
“The world’s most advanced life-size thermal burn injury evaluation system.” – DuPont

We are proud to support our customer, DuPont, in the testing of Nomex®, a flame-resistant fiber used in protective clothing for firefighters, police officers, industrial workers and many others. m+p international supplies acquisition hardware and server systems with customized software based on m+p Coda for all of DuPont’s Thermo-Man® testing facilities, which are located in the United States (2), Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Brazil and Singapore.

Thermo-Man® is a life-size mannequin, equipped with 122 heat sensors and used to simulate exposure to a sudden fire. To analyze the protective performance of Nomex®, Thermo-Man® is dressed in test garments and then engulfed into flames.

Dr. Roger Parry, principal investigator with DuPont, comments: “Your folks have done a great job converting our software requirements specification into an efficient GUI that addresses our specific needs. We look forward to continue working with m+p as we further refine the Thermo-Man® software package.”

life-size manikin in black and in pink with color scale
Thermo-Man® mannequin equipped with 122 heat sensors
life-size manikin in fire
Thermo-Man® with protective clothing exposed to fire

m+p Coda is our versatile solution for a wide range of acquisition, analysis and monitoring applications. It is scalable from 2 to more than 2,000 channels and supports Ethernet, USB and LXI-bus-based instrumentation. Features include powerful data management, real-time alarm monitoring and event handling, online data access from any networked PC, optional standalone operation, etc.

Screenshot m+p Coda software tool bar
m+p Coda GUI

Thanks to its modular structure and easy parameterization, m+p Coda has extensive application coverage:

  • Measurements and data analysis on test stands and test assemblies
  • Temperature measurements supporting all standard thermocouple types and RTDs
  • Performance and functional testing as well as condition monitoring of turbocompressors, turbines, jet and rocket engines, gearboxes and generators
  • Experimental structural testing, multi-axis strain and stress analysis
  • Process monitoring
  • Vibration monitoring during shaker tests

See Thermo-Man® in action in this short video.



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