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Is Your Fixture Fit for the Task?

Fixtures play a crucial role in testing, not merely as a bracket to attach your EUT to the armature, but more importantly as a critical interface to provide maximum vibration transmission across the overall structure and to contribute as little non-linear responses into the overall setup as possible. These can look and feel sturdy enough, but have you ACTUALLY checked it?

Poorly designed fixtures lead to:

  • EUT over/under test
  • Poor quality test simulation
  • Unstable control
  • EUT damage
  • Wasted drive
  • In extreme cases; shaker damage, mostly commonly from excessive overturning moments

In a professional laboratory, every fixture should be pretested and qualified as fit for use, in the same way that we check the accuracy of our controllers, shakers and transducers.

Luckily, m+p international offers the perfect solution for this task; the ODS package with our m+p Analyzer software. Simply instrument the fixture and perform a sine sweep. The results can then be mapped over a wireframe model, to produce informative ODS animations, frequencies and damping figures to confirm exactly how your fixture is performing.

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