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L’un des principaux fournisseurs sélectionne des produits m+p international pour son CBM et services d'analyse des vibrations

For over 30 years, IVC Technologies has been providing condition based monitoring (CBM) and vibration analysis services to a diverse range of industries throughout the United States. They continually improve the tools and techniques used by their certified analysts to keep the equipment of their customers running at optimum efficiency.

The latest addition to IVC’s advanced testing equipment: the m+p Analyzer and six battery-powered 8-channel m+p VibPilot front-ends for machinery vibration, monitoring, modal and acoustic consulting. The m+p international products ensure that IVC Technologies stays “ahead of the pack“ with their Advanced Testing Solutions.

laptop hardware cable connections
m+p Analyzer software and synchronized m+p VibPilot front-ends collecting data from 48 input channels in parallel
(Photo credit IVC Technologies)

Bob Miller, Vice President of Advanced Testing at IVC, says: “After evaluating the wide variety of systems out there on the market, m+p international was the only one that checked all of the boxes for both our immediate and future needs as we continue to not only expand, but improve the services we provide our customers.“

The m+p Analyzer is the ideal choice for dynamic signal measurement, analysis and advanced reporting of all of your noise and vibration, acoustics and general dynamic signal applications. Comprehensive time and frequency analysis is available with both online and offline data processing. The software makes light work of gathering data, displaying results, performing specialized analysis and generating customer ready reports – all within one user interface. m+p Analyzer is designed for noise and vibration applications in the field and in the lab. A wide range of integrated applications satisfies all your NVH needs, ranging from real-time FFT and time history acquisition to modal analysis, impact testing, rotating machinery analysis and acoustic analysis.

The m+p VibPilot front-end, specially designed to the needs of vibration measurement and analysis, is available with both 4 and 8 channels. IVC Technologies has six 8-channel VibPilot devices allowing parallel operation of up to 48 input channels. The devices are synchronized via the clock in/clock out circuitry without influencing their excellent measurement performance. The multi-unit synchronisation allows you to add additional channels whenever you need it or to combine dynamic signal acquisition and other applications with ease. The battery option supports portable applications in the field and in the lab. Whether you want to take professional on-site measurements, do some quick troubleshooting in the field or place the instrument close to the specimen and sensors to minimize cable runs and noise: m+p VibPilot provides you with reliable, repeatable results. The robust, dust-proof and fan-less steel housing qualifies the front-end for operation under tough conditions.

One of the main benefits that IVC Technologies sees in the m+p Analyzer/m+p VibPilot technology is the increased channel capacity, allowing to collect data from a variety of sensors simultaneously.



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